ATCO Electrical Distributors - Product Catalogue Edition 20

29 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Schneider Electric • Detection depth • Stud mode: wood stud of 30 × 30mm at depth of ≤14mm • Metal mode: iron pipe of Ø 20mm at depth of ≤ 25mm • AC mode: 50mm for 90...250V at 50...60Hz • Power: 9V battery (6F22) • Weight: approx. 213g (with battery) • Always calibrate before each use. • Detection depth • Stud mode: wood stud of 30×30mm at depth of ≤18mm • Metal mode: iron pipe of Ø 25 mm at depth of ≤30mm • AC mode: 50 mm for 90 to 250V at 50 to 60Hz • Power: 9V battery (6F22) • Weight: approx. 165g (with battery) • Always calibrate before each use. Multipurpose digital detector Application Advanced detector locates and detects metal, ac voltage and stud. 3-in-1 detector Application This unit is an advanced detector. It can be used in construction, fitment, carpentry, etc. Ref. No. Description Size (HxWxD) IMT23104 Multipurpose digital detector 180 x 73 x 32mm IMT23105 3 in 1 detector 150 x 66 x 32mm • Measures moisture level and the ambient temperature. Drive the probes into the wood, wall or material to be measured. • LED indication • Digital LCD display with backlight • Range of wood: 6 to 60 % • Range of building material: 0.2 to 2.9 % • Environment temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 99°F) • Power: 1.5V battery, 4 x LR44 or equivalent • Weight: approx. 4g (with batteries). Moisture meter Application Used to measure the moisture level in sawn timber (also cardboard, paper) and hardened materials (plaster, concrete and mortar). Ref. No. Description Size (HxWxD) IMT23108 Moisture meter 85 x 45 x 16mm • A compact voltage testing device with both audible and visual (bright LED) indication if voltage is present in the circuit • AC voltage range: 5 to 1000V • Frequency range: 50 to 400Hz • Electrical Insulation: Cat IV, 1000 V • Illumination function included - can double as a torch • Adjustable detection sensitivity • Power: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery • Weight: approx. 50g (with batteries). Voltage detector pen Application To determine if it’s safe to work around areas like: transformer cases and circuit breaker housings; power ground wires or newlydriven ground rods; mobile homes; metallic siding or metal framing pedestals; crossboxes or conduit; street light fixtures or electrical machinery. Ref. No. Description Size (HxWxD) IMT23109 Voltage tester pen 152 x 32 x 28mm • A compact 3½ digit autorange digital clamp meter designed to measure DC and AC voltage, AC current, resistance, diode and continuity • DC voltage range: 0.2/2/20/200/600 V • AC voltage range: 2/20/200/600 V • AC current: 2/20/200/600 A • Resistance: 200 Ω/2 kΩ/20 kΩ/200 kΩ/2 MΩ/20 MΩ • Continuity: yes, under 30Ω • Diode check: approx. 1.5V • Electrical insulation: IEC 61010 Cat III, 600 V • Power: 2 x 3V button cells • Weight: approx. 160g (with battery). Digital clamp meter Application For commercial, industrial and residential troubleshooting. Power panel, junction box and battery bank monitoring, AC/DC motor testing, electrical testing on nonlinear loads, etc. Ref. No. Description Size (HxWxD) IMT23114 Digital Clamp Meter category III - 600 V 190 x 76 x 36mm • It is equipped with an additional RCD tester for testing the operation of RCD whose rating is not more than 30mA • In conjunction with the coding table provided, combined indicators indicate the true status of the wiring condition • A clear indication of a PE-error will be shown on the LCD if dangerous contact voltage is present at PE (ground) • Nominal voltage: 220V ±10% • Frequency range: 50 to 60Hz • Measurement category: Cat III, 300V • RCD-test time: 60 to 300 ms • Contact voltage threshold: (< 35Vac against ground depending on coupling to earth) • RCD test current: 30mA ±15% • Weight: approx. 70g. British standard socket tester Application This socket tester can be used to determine whether socket wiring is correct or incorrect. Ref. No. Description Size (HxWxD) IMT23103 BS socket tester British plug 77 x 67 x 66mm Test Instruments • The transmitter is a compact hand-held instrument used for electricians to detect and track circuits in walls. • Unenergized electrical wires • Slim ergonomic receiver receptor • Telephone lines • Coaxial cables • DC automotive wires • Two crocodile clips • Power: 1.5V (LR41/SR41) x4 (R) • Power: 1.5V (AAA) x2 (T) • Weight: approx. 220 g (with battery). Multifunction cable tracer Application Generates a distinct tone in any unenergized wire or cable. This tone can be picked up with the tracker receiver. An LED shows that the unit is on. Ref. No. Description Size (HxWxD) IMT23106 Multifunction cable tracer 183 x 80 x 46mm • Hand-held digital infrared thermometer for surface temperature measurement. • Backlight LCD • Laser pointer • Temperature range: -20 to 520°C (-4 to 968°F) • Power: 9V battery • Weight: approx. 150g (without battery) Infrared thermometer Application A variety of non-contact thermo mesurement applications, including: automotive; BBQ´s; radiator electrical installations; cable wires. Ref. No. Description Size (HxWxD) IMT23107 Infrared thermometer with LCD readout display 180 x 85 x 50mm